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Florida IT Tech provides Expert IT Support for Medical, Dental, and small businesses locally in The Villages Florida.

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Our technicians can connect directly to your PC On Demand (with your permission) using a tool called ScreenConnect. If you are already on a call with one of our technicians they will provide you with a five digit code. Please enter it in the box below and click “Start Download”. Your technician will guide you through getting connected.

Remote IT Support services are the systems that provide a user with a helpful network platform through which to connect and use a particular computer from a remote place. By utilizing remote IT services, your organization can seamlessly ease its operations and resolve most obstacles.


Provided a user has a laptop or computer, accessing services like disaster recovery, cloud services, back-ups, and network administration is seamless. Using the connected platform, we are able to access your network from our reach, making it easier and more convenient to solve IT problems.


For instance, an outage in the server systems of an organization can happen without notice, which can be problematic and costly for your business. Therefore, partnering with real and reliable connection platforms is a great approach to minimizing outage issues.


Thus, our remote IT services are vital for any business to decrease downtime and troubleshoot issues alongside focusing on important tasks without any distractions – also, our IT support services scale up the confidence of your business operation team, since they are assured of technical support at every location.

With modern technologies, integrating remote IT services is a great way of empowering your workforce to attain the optimal productivity that many organizations desire. Florida IT Solutions tackles all IT services as a remote IT support service provider. Users can access remote IT services on our extensive server without having to host the applications on their servers.



We offer continuous searches for any signs that may indicate a problem. The approach provides real-time information and minimizes the risk of vulnerabilities. We have experts with solid management plans capable of checking systems and connections in-depth.


We notify your business within a monitored approach about failure thresholds before the system fails. Such practices allow you to sort your tasks and handle your customers appropriately without much inconvenience.


We optimize and troubleshoot the availability of your network and report to you based on the experience of our users. Sorting any operational issue or anomaly can be done in real-time based on what is happening in your network.


Our IT services at Florida IT Solutions are elastic, since we allow frequent personnel to access any service they need through extensive servers. This enables your business to utilize numerous IT services within a short time frame.


We offer continuous searches for any signs that may indicate a problem. The approach provides real-time information and minimizes the risk of vulnerabilities. We have experts with solid management plans capable of checking systems and connections in-depth.


We offer the best analysis and solve issues affecting your software and devices through a systematic approach. The approach fixes and corrects issues in computers and complex electronics.

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Most tickets are resolved in 24 hours. No more weeks of silence.

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Jeff AtwellJeff Atwell
21:40 03 Dec 22
I originally took my computer to a different computer repair shop to fix my email problem. Two of their techs spent a total of 6 hours trying to fix it without success. I found Angelo from an old company he worked for in Naperville. IL. Over the phone he had me log onto his system and had the whole problem fixed across 2 computers in 30 minutes and is reasonably priced. A real pro. Definitely go to Angelo. !!!!!
Wendy HeroldWendy Herold
14:54 02 Dec 22
he came to my house because my computer kept asking for pin number to get on computer he fixed me all up ! was great also helped on a few other things too .. Highly recommend !!
John RothJohn Roth
21:26 27 Oct 22
This guy rocks. Fixed my computer remotely. I got scammed by a hacker saying he was from Microsoft and Angelo helped me get my $848 back from the Bank. Cleaned my computer and installed AV software so it is safe. Thanks Man!!!!
Terry SmithTerry Smith
19:06 09 Feb 22
Fast & excellent service. Transferred all my data and programs from my old hard drive to a new one and also repaired my father's older computer as well making both of the computers much faster & working well! And the price was excellent! Thank you so much Angelo for everything! I will use The Villages PC Mac for any computer issues I might have & recommend them for any computer needs you might have!
Mo SidMo Sid
22:45 20 Jan 22
Helped me with my business needs and was very affordable. It can be stressful when daily operations are limited because of tech issues. He was very helpful and fixed everything beyond my expectations. A+++
S CraigS Craig
23:04 14 Jan 22
In less than 24 hours, Angelo repaired the computer. He is very knowledgeable, professional and reasonable. He goes above and beyond than simply fixing your computer and sending you out the door. With 3 phones and 3 computers in my house, he has my business anytime I need a repair. Thank you Angelo!
Diane BDiane B
17:01 07 Dec 21
Angelo did an excellent job repairing our computer! He was very knowledgeable and professional when we called with our problem and was able to fix it promptly! We will definitely call Angelo for any future computer repairs! We highly recommend him! Thank you, Angelo! A+++++++++++++
Noelia PascalNoelia Pascal
14:54 30 Sep 21
My laptop was running very slow and is new (bought it last year) and he replaced my hard drive with an “SSD” which I had no idea what a SSD drive was but it made my laptop way faster than when it was new. Thought I had to buy another new laptop but he fixed it the next day. Very happy with his professionalism and quick service! Will tell all of my friends that I found a new IT guy!